Translation of dessert in different languages

Afrikaans:  nagereg, dessert Albanian: ëmbëlsirë Arabic: وجْبَة التَحْلِيَه Armenian: դեսերտ, անուշեղեն Azerbaijani: desert, çərəz Basque: postrea Belarusian: дэсерт Bengali: ডেজার্ট Bulgarian: десерт Brazilian: sobremesa Catalan: Postres Chinese: 甜點, 點心, 甜點心 ...

Dessert Definition

According to Wikipedia the word dessert comes from the old French “desservir” which means “to clear the table” and “to serve.” Apparently it was linked to the medieval practice of ...

Pastel de Nata

In case you’ve never heard of them, pastéis de nata (or Pastel de Nata, if you are referring to just one) according to Wikipedia are small creamy egg based custard ...


Panettone – Italian Christmas Fruit Bread Bread

This traditional yellow light, and airy-textured dome-shaped sweet bread loaf is part ...

Mote con huesillo

Mote con huesillo or mote al huesillo is one of Chile’s favorite ...

Linzer Torte

Linzer Torte is a deliciously rich pastry that originated in Linz, Austria. ...

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King Cake

This is a type of cake that is associated with the the Catholic liturgical tradition of Epiphany that is commemorated on January 6, considered the last day of the twelve days of Christmas festivities that marks also the visit of the three magi to the Christ Child. According to Wikipedia, in medieval and Tudor England […]

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The Ensaimada or ensaïmades is a Spanish spiral shaped sweet bun that is traditional (and famous) in all the Balearic Islands, specifically from the Island of Majorca, where it is originally from and known as Ensaïmada de Mallorca. It is also eaten in most former Spanish territories in Latin America including Puerto Rico, and in […]

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Wagashi is a traditional Japanese confectionery that is mostly made from natural plan-based ingredients such glutinous rice, powdered rice, flour, beans (red, kidney, adzuki beans), sweet potatoes, sugar, sesame, agar-agar, chestnuts, and sugar and is often served with tea at a chaya, a traditional Japanese tea house.     There are many different varieties […]

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